We Are A Startup That Makes A Holter For Industrial Machines

High frequency energy monitoring to identify potential issues, excess stress on the machinery equipment, process inefficiencies and avoid machinery breakdown

Energy monitoring

Use data from already deployed, or the proprietary energy monitors


Alerting system for machine health, operation efficiency and maintenance actions


Anomaly detection, energy efficiency, process efficiency and DSS system

Core modules

These modules are powered by proprietary AI algorithms to enhance the plant’s operation

Improper maintenance, old industry tactics and run to failure models can lead to unexpected breakdowns, profit loss and delays in deliveries that cost to companies

About Vrump

Traditional Maintenance Approaches Struggle to Address Hidden Issues Until Breakdown is Imminent

The Factory of the Future demands a cost-effective and autonomous solution for real-time health monitoring of machinery and equipment assets, especially electric motor-driven systems (EMDS) which consume a significant portion of industrial energy. VRUMP delivers on this need. Utilizing advanced electric signal analysis and AI-powered prognostics, VRUMP predicts potential motor failures before they occur

Use VRUMP and start saving

Our Services

What We Offer

Focus on your business, VRUMP handles maintenance.

Energy monitoring

Uncover Hidden Costs: Gain real-time insights into your machinery’s operational state.
Optimize Energy Use: Identify inefficient equipment and pinpoint areas for improvement.
Reduce Stress & Extend Lifespan: Detect excess stress on motors, and take action before costly breakdowns.

Analysis reports

Actionable Insights: Get reports at the end of each cycle on your machinery’s health.
No More Guesswork: VRUMP’s analysis cuts through the noise, giving you the information to make informed decisions.
Proactive Maintenance: Anticipate problems with data-driven insights before they impact your operations.

Maintenance scheduler

Effortless Scheduling: Never miss a beat with automated reminders & task assignments.
Real-time Progress: Track work progress directly within VRUMP for efficient workflow.
Proactive Insights: VRUMP goes beyond basic scheduling, identifying potential issues before they become problems.

Energy disaggregation

Hidden No More: Unlike traditional methods, VRUMP separates energy into individual components, revealing exactly where your energy goes.
Optimize Every Step: Identify the machinery components to target efficiency improvements.
Unleash Savings: Make data-driven decisions that can significantly reduce your energy consumption.

Reduce costs

Prevent Downtime Disasters: Prevent equipment failures before they disrupt production and drain your profits.
Effortless Maintenance: Automated maintenance scheduling reduces wasted technician time, and increases maintenance consistency.
Extend Equipment Lifespan: Extend the life of your machinery, by addressing problems optimally.

Cloud Computing

Always Connected, Always Accessible: Access your data anytime, anywhere, from any device.
Scalability Made Simple: Scale effortlessly to meet your ever evolving needs.
Smarter with Every Machine: VRUMP’s AI learns from a vast dataset of similar equipment, continuously improving its insights for your unique operation.